The household can host up to 50 people at any part of the year, they will be served a traditional, homemade food. An announcement is required.


This household does not provide accommodation services.


The household serves traditional food, the same as for the family. Everything is homemade. There is no defined menu, the guest should state if he/she is allergic to something or vegetarian. The household offers homemade brandy (plum, apple) and juices (elderberry, raspberry, blueberry, quince, cornel…). In order to try all these things, the Pešić family will welcome you in their hall that has some 50 seats. And, if the day is nice and sunny, you can relax under the shade of a hundred year old apple.

Rural Activities

Pešić family members are hard workers. It is a big family, but they all have their duties. However, they will meet the needs of all the guests and explain everything, if you are interested in. You can also join them in their duties, if you want to. For example, you can take part in milking, cattle feeding throughout the year. And in mowing, hay gathering during the summer and fall. You can pick fruit in the fall and make brandy in September and October. …..gather around the fire, bake corn, children like it the most.

January: milking and feeding the cows
February: milking and feeding the cows
March: milking and feeding the cows and plowing the fields
April: plowing the fields, planting  potato and corn
May: planting beans and vegetables in the greenhouse
June: mowing, hay gathering, its layering, extracting honey
July: mowing, hay gathering, extracting honey
August: mowing, hay gathering, and corn watering
September: gathering potato, fruit picking, silage making
October: silage making, brandy production
November: milking and feeding cows, slaughtering and drying meat
December: milking and feeding the cows

Other Services

Transfers: No
Tasting of products: Yes
Culinary classes – participation in preparation of meals: Yes
Horse riding: not at the farm, but it is offered in the neighbourhood
Camping: Yes
Organization of field trips: Yes

Special Conditions

Internet: No
TV: No
Foreign languages in use in household: English


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