Pljevlja: Household Popovic

The household receives guests throughout the year.


Room 1: 2 beds
Room 2: 2 beds
Room 3: 2 beds
Room 4: 3 beds
Room 5: 3 beds
Total: 12 beds
Bathroom: shared by all the rooms.


There is no menu, the guests are offered the traditional food prepared for the household. The guest should state in advance if vegetarian or vegan food is needed or if he/she is allergic to some ingredients.

Rural Activities

March: clearing away the meadow

April: clearing away the meadows and collecting mushrooms

May: planting the garden

June: mowing

July: mowing

August: mowing

September: picking fruit

October: If possible, brandy is made and firewood is prepared for the winter, as well as winter stores

Other Services

Transfers: Yes
Tasting of products: Yes
Culinary classes – participation in preparation of meals: Yes
Horse riding: Yes
Camping: Yes
Organization of field trips: Yes
Children props: No

Special Conditions

Internet: No
TV: Yes
Bed sheets and towels: Yes
Pets allowed: Yes
Washing machine: Yes
Foreign languages in use in household: English


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