The household is open from May 15 to October 30.


Room 1: twin
Room 2: twin
Room 3: triple
Room 4: living room
Total: 7 beds
Kitchen with a dining room: shared by all the rooms
Bathroom: shared by all the rooms


There is no menu in the household, the food is prepared as agreed with the guests. A guest should state if vegetarian or vegan food is needed, or if he/she is allergic to some ingredients.

Rural Activities

May: start of the activities in the garden and greenhouse that go on till late fall

June: mowing and hay gathering, different jobs in apiary, lake fishing till September

September: picking and storing fruit, brandy production and similar – activities done until the end of November

It is very important to mention that all the members of the household take part in these activities, in the right sense of the word, whether they are children, middle aged people or the older ones.

We cannot offer the precise timetable of activities by months since they are conditioned by different influences. However, it all comes to periodical activities such as: mowing and stacking of grass, cow milking, cheese production, producing brandy, fruit picking, collecting medicinal and aromatic herbs, souvenir production and similar.

Other Services

Transfers: Yes
Tasting of products: Yes
Culinary classes – participation in preparation of meals: Yes
Horse riding: No
Camping: No
Boat rides: The hosts offer family boat service – Pivsko Lake boat rides and visiting Komarnica canyon, where homemade products tasting is organized, as well as the Tara river rafting and different picnics.
Organization of field trips: Yes
Children props: No

Special Conditions

Internet: No
TV: Yes
Bed sheets and towels: Yes
Pets allowed: Yes
Washing machine: Yes
Foreign languages in use in household: English, Russian


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