The household receives guests throughout the year.


Room 1: 2 beds
Room 2: 2 beds
Room 3: 2 beds
Room 4: 3 beds
Total: 9
Bathroom: shared by all the rooms


They exclusively offer homemade food, the same as the one prepared for themselves, made from the products produced on their farm. If a guest requires vegan or vegetarian food, it will be made.

Rural Activities

This household offers various rural activities. All the months are reserved for everyday activities, such as: milking cows, feeding animals (cows, pigs, and hens), cleaning and nursing the animals, cheese production.

December, January, February and March are the months when nothing is done on the fields, meadows and so on and the housewife can show you selflessly then how to knits socks, hats, mittens, scarfs, everything is made from wools, a 100 % natural material. It is also possible to ride horses then and to take a ride in the horse cart on the snow.

April: this is the month of fine weather and it is time to start with preparing the garden and fields for planting of early cultures, fruit pruning, and monitoring bees.

May: this is a busy month, every day is a day when various activities are done, such as, potato hoeing,

apiary works, preparing firewood, greenhouse works, and so on.

June and July: these months are the months when hey is prepared for the winter and it includes: mowing, drying, layering, baling and transporting it to the warehouse, and the entire process can be very interesting and attractive for the guests.

August: this is the month when forest fruit are picked, such as blueberry, raspberry, as well as medicinal herbs. The blueberry picked is wild and 100 % organic, and this perfect fruit is said to be the nature wonder.

September, October and November: months for preparing winter stores by using traditional recipes, such as pickled vegetables, jams, compotes, juices, for picking fruit and vegetables, for collecting and drying mushrooms.

Since a large number of animals can be found in this household, baby animals can often be seen: calves, goatlings, piglets, chicks, kittens and puppies, and if you visit in the right period, you can witness their birth, something that can be very interesting for the children.

Other Services

Transfers: No
Tasting of products: Yes
Culinary classes – participation in preparation of meals: Yes
Horse riding: Yes
Camping: Yes
Organization of field trips: Yes
Children props: Yes

Special Conditions

Internet: Yes
TV: Yes
Bed sheets and towels: Yes
Pets allowed: Yes
Washing machine: Yes
Foreign languages in use in household: English


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